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Nov 18, 2021

Delta-8 Merchants Find Themselves in the Weeds as Legal Debate Blazes in Texas

Texas’ delta-8 industry is caught in the midst of a legal battle after the Department of State Health Services posted a notice stating the cannabinoid is illegal.

Nov 17, 2021

Insulin Price Caps in Texas Provide Relief While Raising Questions About Costs

Dawn White, a nurse from Lumberton, Texas, told lawmakers this past summer she paid $500 for a one-month supply of insulin to treat her son’s type 1 diabetes. That was with insurance. If she lacked insurance, the cost would have been more than $1,000. “Texans are dying because they cannot afford their insulin,” White said. […]

Nov 17, 2021

Austin Muralists Explore ‘Works of Consequence’

From the “I Love You So Much” script on the side of Jo’s Coffee on Congress Avenue to the “Greetings from Austin” postcard mural on South First Street, Austin’s most recognizable murals have become spots for newcomers and locals to photograph and post on their Instagram feeds. Throughout the past year, local Austin artists have […]

Nov 16, 2021

Reporting Texas Newsletter Nov. 12, 2021

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Nov 16, 2021

No GRE, No Problem: Texas’ Graduate Schools See Increase in Enrollment and Diversity 

More than 36,000 students applied to the graduate school at the University of Texas at Austin in 2020, a 24% increase from 2019. The university’s graduate programs set records for enrollment in 2021 — up 36% from 2020. More Asian American, Black, Hispanic and international students enrolled in graduate school at the university than ever before.

Texas A&M, Texas Tech and Texas State Universities all reported record-breaking enrollment during fall 2021 as well.

Experts credit the increases to waiving the GRE or making such tests optional, along with economic and career changes caused by the  pandemic. 

Nov 16, 2021

Texas Veterans Desperate for Treatment Find Viable Alternative in Psychedelics

Combat veterans around the nation and in Texas are turning to psychedelic drugs such as ibogaine, psilocybin, DMT and ketamine to combat PTSD, depression and anxiety. Meanwhile, Texas lawmakers are attempting to legitimize the therapies by facilitating clinical research into the drug’s effectiveness.

Nov 14, 2021

Reporting Texas TV – November 11, 2021

Journalism students from Moody College at the University of Texas made their fourth newscast of the semester on November 11, 2021. This week student journalists report on crime in West Campus, child care concerns connected to President Biden’s Build Back Better framework, and responses to a series of antisemitic incidents in Austin.

Nov 14, 2021

Violent Crime in West Campus Leaves Students Shocked, Leaders Calling for Change

AUSTIN, Texas – One person shot at 22nd and Pearl, man with a gun threatened employee at 7-Eleven, officers attempting to locate robbery suspect – all three of these incident notifications reached the inboxes of students at The University of Texas at Austin within a span of just four days earlier this month.  Recent incidents […]

Nov 14, 2021

Austin Community Leaders Respond to Antisemitic Incidents Around The City

AUSTIN, Texas — The past few weeks brought a wave of shock and sadness to the Jewish community in response to a series of antisemitic incidents.  The first incident occurred at Anderson High School, where someone vandalized the senior parking lot with antisemitic symbols and racial and homophobic slurs.  Junior Ellie Weisblatt said it was […]

Nov 12, 2021

Central Texans Find Joy and Connection in Roller Skating 

While many roller rinks were shut down during COVID, Central Texans took to Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to find fellow roller skaters and public spaces to skate.

Social skate sessions now happen seven days a week at public spaces around the Austin area, including the Long Center, Palmer Auditorium, Alamo Pocket Park, Bartholomew Park and Rock Sports Arena. 

Nov 12, 2021

Forget the ‘Backseat’ ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­– Give Susannah Joffe the Steering Wheel

  Susannah Joffe is an artist just as down to earth as you expect someone raised in Austin to be. After a bit of digging for a contact number online and sending a long-winded text message asking to interview the Austin-based musician, I was surprised when Joffe herself responded, “Hi! Yes I’m super down.” After […]

Nov 11, 2021

Childcare Workers Seek Government Help to Improve Wages

AUSTIN, Texas — As Congress considers President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better framework this week, staff at childcare facilities are hopeful the bill can bring needed changes to the industry. Cathy McHorse, a child care advocate with United Way for Greater Austin, said the child care industry suffers from a unique economic issue – parents […]

Nov 11, 2021

K-pop Fans Find Community at UT and Other Local Campuses

Dance crew ATX KDC, founded to promote South Korean pop culture through modern dance styles, serves as a local manifestation of K-pop, the music phenom sweeping across the globe with its formula of catchy and trendy songs, loyal fans and smart use of social media. The New York Times states that roughly 90 percent of […]

Nov 11, 2021

Reporting Texas Newsletter Nov. 5, 2021

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Nov 05, 2021

Texas’ Student Newspapers Feel the Pinch

College newspapers in Texas are struggling for a variety of reasons, including decreased school funding, declining advertising revenue and COVID-19- related stresses.

Experts say the decline of student newspapers may have serious consequences — the lack of a popular training ground for future journalists and the loss of potentially powerful voices in holding college administrators to account.

Nov 05, 2021

Reporting Texas TV – November 4, 2021

Journalism students from Moody College at the University of Texas made their third newscast of the semester on November 4, 2021. This week student journalists report on legal questions for Texas hemp growers, Students For Climate Change protesting at the UT Tower, and the 2021 ATX Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament.

Nov 05, 2021

I-35 Expansion Plan Sparks Discussion Over Historical Barrier

Clearing neighborhoods and bulldozing businesses to expand an existing concrete barrier that has divided communities or digging deep into a reimagined urban core; these are the choices up for debate in the struggle to find a plan for modernizing I-35 through the center of Austin. Following a public comment period that ended Sept. 24, the […]

Nov 05, 2021

After Century of Publishing Amid Political Turmoil, Ecuadorian Newspaper Eyes Next 100 Years

At the entrance to one of the country’s largest newspapers, El Universo’s first printing press stands as a monument to victory in Ecuador’s struggle to hold onto a fragile democracy marked by a history of military dictatorships and censorship.

The newspaper’s history includes a government-ordered shutdown for a cartoon, editorial board members jailed, a forced front-page apology, violent demonstrations, a bombing of its building and even a presidential lawsuit seeking the imprisonment of its journalists.

Nov 04, 2021

Reporting Texas Newsletter Oct. 28, 2021

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Nov 04, 2021

Reporting Texas Newsletter Oct. 22, 2021

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