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Without Assistance

For millions of Americans, the most recent stimulus checks they received offered temporary financial reprieve in the middle of an unprecedented pandemic. As part of the $1.9 trillion stimulus package, eligible adults received checks for $1,400 to help with rent, groceries, bills and other essentials.

A group impacted by these stimulus checks, or missing out, have been college students across the country. That is true for Haley Capps, a senior at The University of Texas at Austin, was ineligible for all three stimulus checks.

“I was not eligible to receive any of the stimulus money since I don’t make enough money at my job to file as independent and my parents claim me as a dependent,” Capps said. “I could have really used the money to help keep me afloat last year.”

A year into COVID-19, UT’s non-white, low income students feel left behind

Yliana Roland, an 18-year-old student University of Texas at Austin student, was raised in Houston in a low-income community of color in which mental health was a taboo topic often swept under the rug. It wasn’t until she first arrived on campus during the pandemic this year that she was formally exposed to mental health […]

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