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Homeless People Face Waitlist for Services at Downtown Austin Community Court

About 200 unsheltered people are on a waiting list for the kind of intensive case management services at the Downtown Austin Community Court, which is temporarily located in the Terrazas Library at 1106 E. Cesar Chavez St. The court attempts to divert people charged with petty crime from the criminal justice system and to provide them with help getting their lives in order. 

The community court was established in 1999 and was the eighth community court in the U.S. and the first in Texas. Many of its clients are experiencing homelessness and tend to cycle through the criminal justice system. Initially, the court focused its efforts downtown, but it has since added East Austin and the West Campus area to its jurisdiction.

Central Texas Rescuers Work to Save Pigs, Farm Animals During Winter Storm

Central Texas Pig Rescue, a non-profit, was founded in 2016 and is run entirely by volunteers. In addition to housing hundreds of pigs at its farm in Bastrop, the rescue sees itself as a pig advocacy group and aims to create the “perfect pig paradise.” All animals at the rescue, which includes the 228 pigs, four donkeys, two goats, five cats, six chickens and two guinea fowls, survived Winter Storm Uri.

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