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Black Texans Reflect on Racial Justice after a Singularly Difficult Year

During February and March, Reporting Texas correspondents will share interviews with Black Texans from different parts of the state, different professions and different perspectives. Subjects will discuss the state of the fight for racial justice and how they think Texans can best move forward after a trying year. Check back for updates.

The Future of Free Range Kids in Texas 

A state senator wants to rewrite the Texas Family Code to give parents more leeway in how they supervise their children. Supporters of the proposed change say narrowing the definition of neglect will reduce the workload for Child Protective Services and liberate families — especially poor families. Child advocates disagree.

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In 2015, a group of female UT System employees sent a report to then-UT System Chancellor William McRaven detailing how women were underrepresented in leadership positions in the system. The 2015 report’s authors acknowledge the progress has been made in the intervening five years, but they say more needs to be done.

Austin’s Myanmar Community Rallies Against Coup

About 150 supporters of democracy in Myanmar took to the Texas Capitol grounds on Feb. 6 to protest the military coup that took place in the Southeast Asian country six days earlier.

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