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Rundberg Neighbors Rally to Restore Vandalized Community Garden

The damage was a blow to a low-income community that struggles with crime. But within a few weeks, the repairs were done and people were back tending their beds.

Churches Offer Sanctuary to Immigrants Fearing Deportation

Since Donald Trump was elected president, churches in growing numbers are joining a new sanctuary movement to house immigrants in jeopardy of being deported.

Travis EMS Community Outreach Program Helps Reduce 911 Calls

Team reaches out to the homeless and the home-bound, to provide care and reduce reliance on expensive emergency room visits.

Public TV, Radio Stations Bracing for Possible Loss of Federal Support

Local radio stations KLRU and KUT raise concerns over President Trump’s plans to cut funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Mar 08, 2017

In Austin, Avoiding the Rush or Carpooling Can Pay Off

Metropia, a smartphone app, offers gift cards and charitable donations to drivers who share rides or travel during off-hours.

Mar 07, 2017

Syringe Exchange for Drug Users Hopes to Emerge From the Shadows

The Austin Harm Reduction Coalition operates a clandestine syringe exchange while trying to convince legislators to lift legal sanctions on the practice. The coalition argues that would protect users’ health and save the state money.

Mar 01, 2017

Grasshopper, Cricket Enthusiasts Seeking Adventurous Palates

Area foodies and farmers are hopping, er, hoping that grasshoppers catch on in Austin as a cheap, sustainable food option.

Feb 07, 2017

Shamanism Finds New Followers in the Modern World

The search for spiritual fulflllment has led some people to an updated version of an ancient practice.

Jan 14, 2017

Austin Backyard Becomes a Haven for UFO Searchers

Scientists dismiss UFOs as fantasies. But one Austin group meets regularly to scan the skies for spaceships from outer space.

Jan 06, 2017

No-Frills ‘Green Burials’ Offer New Way to Go to the Great Hereafter

A movement to promote burials that allow bodies to decompose naturally is being led by women who hope to change the conversation surrounding death and death care.

Dec 16, 2016

Austin Nurse Finds a Calling in Medical Relief Missions to Haiti

Hurricane Katrina inspired April Watkins to become a nurse. An earthquake in Haiti spurred her to start annual trips to help the rural poor there.

Dec 15, 2016

Firearms Fashion Brings Women Together

At female gun clubs in Central Texas, women share an interest in self-protection with style: Custom-colored guns and holsters adapted for women’s bodies are growing in popularity.

Dec 13, 2016

Central Texans with Mideast Roots Help Refugees Build New Lives in Austin

Several groups are helping the newcomers find welcome and help in an unfamiliar city.

Dec 04, 2016

Grocer’s Son, Then Doctor, Now Major Donor to UT’s New Medical School

Mitchel Wong has prospered as an eye doctor, rancher and real estate investor. His $20 million donation will create a new institute at Dell Medical.

Nov 25, 2016

High School Counselors Help Students Find a Path to College or Careers

High schools are under pressure to get more graduates into college. College and career centers at each campus help students navigate the process.

Nov 21, 2016

Blanket Criminal History Policies Create a Rental Hurdle for Thousands

Some landlords’ policies reject tenants for long-ago or minor crimes, even for arrests that never led to convictions. Landlords are beginning to consider changes.

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