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Apr 17, 2017

Austin’s Bridges Are as Good as Its Traffic Is Bad

Just two spans have structural problems, and one of them has been closed for 15 years.

Apr 16, 2017

Mariachi Summer Camp Preserves Tradition, But Future Is Uncertain

Because most mariachi band camp participants come from low-income families in South Texas, attendance at a University of Texas-Austin mainstay has fluctuated since the camp started five years ago.

Apr 15, 2017

Easy Come, Easy Go: Tattoo Removal Isn’t Such a Big Deal Now

The availability of laser treatment is prompting many to get rid of their body art.

Apr 13, 2017

Universities Fear Trump Policies Driving Away Iranian Students

The president’s executive order, now on hold, would disproportionately affect Iranian students and researchers.

Apr 13, 2017

North Korean, Now a Texan, Tells of Life Under Oppression, and Escape

Joseph Han risked his life to flee his country during a famine. He’s now one of about 500 former North Koreans living in the U.S.

Apr 11, 2017

A Former Corporate Banker Plants New Roots in Urban Farming

Alejandra Rodriguez Boughton took a risk and quit the corporate world to become an organic farmer. She’s young, Latina and female — not the usual model for a farmer.

Apr 07, 2017

Sign Language Is the Big Draw for an Online News Program for Deaf People

Targeted at the deaf, the show is gaining 1,500 Facebook followers a week.

Apr 04, 2017

Austin Trans and Queer Artists Seek Visibility Amid Intolerance

LGBT artists look to educate people about discrimination via festivals and individual projects. Several bills in the Texas legislature are under consideration that would directly impact the LGBT community.

Apr 01, 2017

Long After Its Final Flag, Longhorn Speedway Remains a Champion in Racing Lore

Austin’s Longhorn Speedway, though defunct and wilting, remains alive as a “ghost track” — remembered alongside such legendary racing venues as NASCAR’s North Wilkesboro Speedway in North Carolina.

Mar 30, 2017

For Famous and Fortunate Texans, Life’s Road Ends at State Cemetery

It’s hard, but not impossible, to get a plot on this hallowed ground. Years ago, a burro made it in.

Mar 29, 2017

Trail Life Offers Scouting Alternative with a ‘Christian Underpinning’

The organization took shape after Boy Scouts of America welcomed gay and, more recently, transgender youth to participate.

Mar 28, 2017

Texan Hikes Hundreds of Miles to Fight Stigma of Mental Illness

Tom Kennedy delivered hundreds of postcards to the Texas governor’s office in an effort to raise awareness about mental illness.

Mar 24, 2017

Rundberg Neighbors Rally to Restore Vandalized Community Garden

The damage was a blow to a low-income community that struggles with crime. But within a few weeks, the repairs were done and people were back tending their beds.

Mar 22, 2017

Churches Offer Sanctuary to Immigrants Fearing Deportation

Since Donald Trump was elected president, churches in growing numbers are joining a new sanctuary movement to house immigrants in jeopardy of being deported.

Mar 22, 2017

Travis EMS Community Outreach Program Helps Reduce 911 Calls

Team reaches out to the homeless and the home-bound, to provide care and reduce reliance on expensive emergency room visits.

Mar 15, 2017

Santiago Jiménez Jr. Fights to Keep Conjunto Alive

The genre’s roots go back more than a century, and its fans are aging. But some musicians keep performing so that their heritage does not fade away.

Mar 12, 2017

Public TV, Radio Stations Bracing for Possible Loss of Federal Support

Local radio stations KLRU and KUT raise concerns over President Trump’s plans to cut funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Mar 11, 2017

Threat to Federal Arts Funding Worries Local Nonprofits

The National Endowment of the Arts supports dozens of Central Texas art organizations. But President Trump has targee the NEA for steep budget cuts.

Mar 10, 2017

Bar Stool Racing Puts Zip Into an East Texas Town

Most of the motorized stools in the St. Patrick’s Day race can reach 30 mph or so, but one has hit 100 mph.

Mar 10, 2017

Trump Immigration Policies Chill Some School Protests

After immigration raids, many Austin students fear speaking out will draw attention.