Welcome to Reporting Texas, a digital media initiative from the School of Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin. Reporting Texas accepts submissions from undergraduateĀ and graduate students throughout the university, promoting engagement in the digital age of journalism.

Reporting Texas serves four primary goals: To showcase the best work of our undergraduate and graduate students; to offer quality, multimedia reporting to local, state, and national news outlets; to experiment with new approaches in journalism education; and to combine aspects of community reporting with multimedia resources.

Reporting Texas is happy to share our content with news outlets with our permission and with appropriate credit for our work. That includes bylines at the top of stories, with reporters’ names and “Reporting Texas.” Photos also must be credited to the photographer and Reporting Texas. Users may not make any substantial changes or cuts.

Reporting Texas focuses on often hidden stories, using text, photos, audio, and video to provide in-depth views of people and places rarely seen in the news.

If you have questions/comments about the site, please contact the Reporting Texas editors, Deepa Fadnis and Shane Graber.

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Who Contributes to Reporting Texas

Reporting Texas supports young journalists by fostering an ethical and creative environment for graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Texas to report the news and thereby shed light on our community and our world.Reporting Texas represents a wealth of disciplines, and all students are invited to present their ideas to our editorial staff, who review and edit all submissions. We welcome reporting through traditional and novel approaches, including text, photos, slideshows, sound slides, videos and mixed media. We emphasize reporting that focuses on untold stories.

Additionally, Reporting Texas is open to partnerships with news outlets. For more information, please send an e-mail to theĀ editors, Deepa Fadnis or Ori Tenenboim.