UT Researchers Aim for Electromagnetic Railgun

The Center for Electromechanics is helping to develop a futuristic weapon that uses a force field to propel projectiles over longer distances.

Engineering Dean Raises the Goal for More Female Students

Dr. Sharon Wood speaks about working to close the gender gap at UT.

For Cat Osterman, Pitching is Still the Life

The Longhorn great heads into another season despite vow to be long gone by now.

Perks Grow as Austin Startups Vie for Talented Workers

Austin companies offer meals and Segways as a recruiting strategy.

In Austin, Evidence Pile Slows Burglary Investigations

Higher standards keep Austin evidence examiners from solving more cases.

Many Texas Minorities Are Priced Out of College

High debt levels also burden those students who do attend.

EoT: Mummy dinner and UT’s Brain Drain Solved

Missing brains mystery solved and a war that leads to free food.