Traveling Scissors Salesman Builds a Business with an Edge

Aaron Ko spent several years developing the perfect pair of scissors for hairstylists and now travels the United States to sell his shears, going salon to salon to make his pitch in person.

Big Dreams, Tough Industry

Child acting is booming in Austin, but it can be very difficult to break into the industry.

Colleges Market Diversity to Appeal to Growing Market

How colleges promote their diversity has become a topic of jokes. But it is also a topic for research.

Pink Gloves Boxing: Building a Business Through a Sense of Community

Pink Gloves Boxing is meant to build up a community of strong, confident women.

Cornhole Hits the Target Across Texas

Cornhole is taking hold at bars and tailgates around Texas.

Health Care Law Displaces Health Service for Austin...

The Affordable Care Act will soon leave many musicians ineligible for HAAM assistance.

Police Embrace Jiu-Jitsu to Counter Emerging Threats

The interest in self-defense stems encountering more people who know martial arts.