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Since 1982, Neal Frey has crusaded to rid Texas textbooks of "Satanic logic," and liberal bias." He works from barebones office in Longview. Photo by John Savage/Reporting Texas.

Textbook Warrior Fights ‘Satanic Thought’

Neal Frey campaigns to make sure Texas textbooks include the conservative Christian perspective on issues such as evolution, American exceptionialism and sexual mores.

History Professor Kickstarts Soccer Club at San Antonio Community College

For David Galindo, winning wasn’t his main priority this year. The 27-year-old history professor at Northwest Vista College was happy just to see his school put a team on the field.

As Research Funds Dry Up, Science Doctorates Make a Beeline for Data Jobs

In Texas’ Troubled Foster Care System, Treatment Centers Are a Bright Spot

UT is ‘Ground Zero’ for Research on Little-Known Oil Recovery Techniques

Software Engineer from Boston Bats for Austin Baseball

Six Years Later, Deepwater Restoration Money Starts Flowing

A Texas coalition reviewing applications for projects to repair will award grants worth millions of dollars from a trust fund fed by fines paid by British Petroleum and the other companies responsible for the disaster.

Bench made by UT Students Kendall Jackson and Joelene Holland. Swathi Narayanan/Reporting Texas

Tactical Urbanism Is Taking Root in Austin

Small-scale projects, from bus-stop benches to spruced-up alleys, are showing a new way to improve urban life.

Special Report

Pope Francis Beams Into the Sun Bowl

The Different Worlds of Youth Baseball

Casey Luong, third-year nursing student, examines his materials for an exercise in his Clinical Nursing Skills II class at the UT School of Nursing in Austin, TX., on Wednesday, March 30, 2016. Estefania Espinosa/Reporting Texas

As Pay and Prestige Grow, More Men Pursue Nursing

Tour Guides Tara Dudley (Black T-shirt and cap) and Eliot Tretter (middle) with the crowd touring East Austin. Swathi Narayanan/Reporting Texas

East Austin Walking Tours Tell the Area’s History Through its Landmarks

Jozlynn Stevens (right), 11, starts her therapeutic riding session at the Healing with Horses Ranch, in Manor, Texas, with the accompany of her riding instructor on a Friday morning. She has been working with therapy horses for three years. Qiling Wang/Reporting Texas

Healing on the Back of a Horse