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Advocates Push for Criminal Sentencing Reform

Support is growing for legislation that would allow prisoners, even those convicted of violent crimes, to reduce their sentences through good behavior.

A Bumper Crop for Texas Cotton Could Spell Trouble for Farmers

In the boom-bust world of cotton, a couple of big harvests means lower prices and potentially tough times for Texas growers.

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Understanding the Conundrum of North Korea

With America’s thorny relationship with North Korea in limbo once again, Reporting Texas asked professor Robert Oppenheim, professor and Posco Chair in Korean Studies at the University of Texas, to shed light on the issues.

Central Texas Girls Blaze New Trails in Scouting

In February, the Boy Scouts started allowing all-girl troops in the 109-year-old organization.

Texas Plays Its Role in America’s Board-Game Comeback

For Texas Republicans, a Biennial Legislature Means Less Government

A Festival Fit for a King

With Good Boys and Girls, Hutto Students Learn to Train and Raise Guide Dogs